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Love from a dog.

Truth be told my previous post was inspired by a certain dog, a street dog.. the one below


I first met this dog outside my house when I was talking to another pet dog, right outside my gate. He came and stood next to me and even after the pet dog left this dog followed me when I moved. So I just ran back home and got him a calcium bone and gave it to him. He took it and went away and ate it. I had completely forgotten this incident until recently.
Yesterday my parents and I returned home late and I was inside the gate playing with my dog when mom who was outside the gate called out to me and said ‘that dog’ has come, as soon as I stepped out of the gate, the dog ran towards me with so much joy, the moment was a bit overwhelming. He was so happy to see me just because I’d given him a bone. So I played with him for a while, gave him another bone, and he went away.


But this incident is definitely not something I’d ever forget. This is why dogs are and always will be the best species on the planet. They will be forever grateful to you for just one act of kindness.


-aditi sasal‚ô°

Be kind to dogs

When you’re walking on the road I’m sure you will find some people who just stand awwwing at dogs. Even if they are street dogs. You might some playing with some puppies. You might find this peculiar if you’re not a dog person, but trust me these little actions that ‘dog people’ do gives these people immense joy and it has the power to change the life of that dog.
Street dogs have it rough. There’s no one to feed them, no one to love them, no one to pet them, it’s the same feeling an abandoned child would feel if no orphanage accepted them in. So the max we can do is let them be, you don’t like them? That’s fine. Stay away from them, you don’t need to throw stones at them for no reason or cause them harm (unless it’s absolutely necessary as a self defence). So please be kind. After all they are a living being too, their only mistake being that they were born to the streets.


Now talking bout loving them… look at the below image, after looking at it, if you tell me you feel no change in your emotional state, your a liar bruh!


Cuz whether you love dogs or not this should make you feel happy up to some level. That is the power the gods have given a dog, as a matter of fact every other animal too.
It’s the way they treat you like you mean the world to them that would make any dog owners heart melt. Cuz speaking the truth you do mean the world to your dog. “Be the man your dog thinks you are” then every human being would be a god. “If only humans had the heart of a dog what an amazing planet this earth would be” we wouldn’t know war only love.


PS : The black lab (the last pic.. the above one) is mine ūüôā


-aditi sasal‚ô°

THE PRINTING MACHINE (review and interpretation)

“The Printing Machine” is a video poem written and performed by Kalki Koechlin powered by Blush. Many would have already watched it because it was a trending video for quite some time. The poem is pretty vague so it’s open to interpretations in many ways.

So according to me the poem speaks about the crimes committed against women in our country, and how it’s casually put in a newspaper for people to read and slowly forget about it as the newspaper slips further and further into the past. Quoting the poem “and we drink the ink, that makes our stomach sink and teaches us to fear everything”, this shows the effect a small machine can have in our life. Whether what is printed is true or false or merely exaggerated, we believe it and it makes us fear everything in out society. Further in the poem certain lines talk about how the people and society turn a blind eye to the crimes against women when it’s being committed but voice their outrage and support only after reading about it in the newspaper.

Kalki talks about the machine stopping for some time and starting, according to my interpretation this could symbolize how just for a short time period the crimes stop just to start again but never truly end. The terms like “There‚Äôs was just grr grr grrring,¬†Growing louder and louder, And the machine chrrr chrrr chrrring,¬†Faster and faster”¬†and “Goes the busy printing machine”¬†tells us how rapidly the number of crimes are increasing. The words “growing louder and louder” represents the screams of victims which keeps growing and the words “chrrring faster and faster” and ” busy printing machine” represents the increase in the number of crimes which leads to the printing machine being used faster and faster and more regularly.

At the end of the poem Kalki states the importance of the printing machine with the lines,¬†“How our great Indian heritage Fell to its knees,¬†At the mercy of innocent,¬†Little¬†Printing machines. ¬†which says that we will only be judged what is typed by the printing machine, that the future generations would know about India only what is typed in black ink on white paper. Finally, I think that the way she is dressed in the video shows how a woman is made to feel, especially with men staring constantly and the society judging at every chance it gets.


It is very vague and thus can be interpreted in many ways. Many of the terms are too complicated for all to understand. The topic which was being discussed were not constant, she started off with one changed to another, came back to the first etc.

Rating : 8/10.

Video length : 5 minutes.



“The Palace Of Illusions” (review)

The Palace of Illusions is yet another super hit novel written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Out of her many works “The mistress of spice” was regarded the best. But after reading The Palace of Illusions I’d beg to differ.

Reading the blurb most of us would not prefer to read it. After all it’s just another story about the Mahabharatha -The story of the epic war which many Hindus would have byheart- in the eyes of Draupadi (the wife of the Pandavas). But it’s not the story which makes this book a must read, it’s the way it has been written. The way the author¬†has played with words and formed her sentences will keep your eyes glued to the pages and leave you breathless and in tears in a few instances, for example, before the war begins Draupadi notices her stepsons boasting about the number of enemies they would kill in the battle and prays to the gods to help them achieve even greater fame than they could imagine, and at this instance there is a sentence which gave me goosebumps, a heavy heart and brought tears to my eyes, the sentence reads, ¬†“I should have remembered how tricky the gods are. How they give what you want with one hand while taking away, with the other, something much more valuable. Yes, fame would come to both the young men, and bards would sing of their exploits oftener than they sang of their fathers. But when they did so, listeners would turn away to hide their tears.”

But one major drawback is the fact that the author has changed the story of the Mahabharath to make Draupadi seem more naive than she actually was.

So overall it was a very good read, and it would definitely make it to my top 50 books to read before you die. A must read for every mythology lover.

Book length = 360

Time it took me to finish it = 1 week (would have finished sooner but I had exams to study for)

Rating = 9/10


Humanities students are not dumb

Disclaimer : this post is not intended to insult or put anybody in a bad light. I respect everybody’s choices.¬†

I’ve been wanting to write this from a long time. So here goes :

As soon as you pass your 10th grade boards the first question any relative or sometimes even parents would ask is “What are you going to take next? Science or Commerce?” they forget that there is another subject – Arts or Humanities.

Students who take Humanities are considered dumb or unfit to cope with other subjects. But I would like to say that this is very unfair. It’s not like arts students don’t have any future. What would the world do if there were only doctors and engineers and bankers in the world? A science based architect may design your house but you need the imagination of a humanities based artist to decorate it. Who would cook your food in your favorite restaurant, if everybody took science and commerce and pursued only that? Who would counsel you if there were no psychologists? Psychiatrists would still be there, true but they will not help you emotionally. All they will do is, prescribe drugs which would release the happy enzymes in your brain even if you’re not really happy. how would this really help on the long run?

Now, if you go and ask all the science and commerce students about their future and which field of career they would pursue almost 70% of the students would still not have decided. They simply take these subjects because it has more scope and a wider career choice. But if you ask the same question to a Humanities students, they would be able to answer you without a doubt, due to the low scope the subject offers the students who take this subject usually know what the want in their life so does’nt this show that arts students are usually more mature than science or commerce students. So I think it’s high time we change our perspective about education and Humanities students.


In 1612 , Raja Wodeyar took over the Mysore throne dethroning the ailing king Tirumalaraja . After the coronation of the new king, Tirumalaraja’s wife Alamelamma fled the palace with the Royal jewels to Talakad upset about her husbands untimely removal from the throne.
The Royal guards  were sent to confiscate the jewels and get the queen back. To escape arrest she jumped into the Cauvery river along with the jewels , with her last breath she uttered a curse upon the Royal family :
¬†¬†¬† “May Talakad turn into a barren expanse of sand ; may Malangi turn into an unfathomable whirlpool ; may the Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore not have children for eternity”

Now, the modern town of Talakad lies in ruins. Covered with sand. The neighbouring area of Malangi which is a part of the Cauvery river is a dangerous area due to its ever active whirlpools….

…and only every alternate Wodeyar has a natural heir to the throne resulting in adoption of close relatives by every alternate king.

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